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Updated: 5 min 34 sec ago

Friendzone Pilots Their Next Chapter With New Single "I Don't Wanna Know" With Nikademis

3 hours 8 min ago

Their first release of 2021 is an infectious dance-pop track.

Having pivoted from throwing 150 shows internationally to launching their own record label last October, the global party brand and beloved LA-based imprint Space Yacht has released "I Don't Wanna Know," Friendzone's first track of 2021.

After meeting at a Park City nightclub, the Friendzone duo eventually became roommates and their collaborative musical project was born. Producing high-energy dance music, Friendzone has performed at the X Games and opened shows for major artists such as Kaskade and RL Grime, among others. Now Friendzone is continuing to push their momentum with the release of "I Don't Wanna Know."

For the production of "I Don't Wanna Know," the duo tapped the talents of Nikademis, as well as Candace Sosa on the vocals. Together they have created a symphony of gritty basslines mixed with euphoric vocal tenor and delivered an infectious dance track.

If you happened to be tuned into Liquid Todd's SiriusXM betaBPM show last week, you might have heard "I Don't Wanna Know" when the track first premiered. In case you missed it, you can listen below and find it on streaming platforms here.


Facebook:  facebook.com/wearefriendzone
Twitter: twitter.com/werefriendzone
Instagram: instagram.com/wearefriendzone
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3kivlwK


Facebook: facebook.com/nikademismusic
Twitter: twitter.com/NikademisMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/nikademismusic
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3aQFHko


Facebook: facebook.com/spaceyacht
Twitter: twitter.com/spaceyacht
Instagram: instagram.com/spaceyacht
Website: shop.spaceyacht.net

Lindsay Lohan is Selling a Daft Punk NFT for $15,000

8 hours 25 min ago

The seller, named after the French duo, sent 400 copies of their digital collectibles to a number of celebrities.

NFTs have been taking the dance music world by storm as of late. Many artists are finding that the digital collectibles are a great way to recoup some of the revenue lost due to the pandemic. Now, a recent story from Decrypt reports that a seller named "Daft Punk" has been gifting NFTs to a number of celebrities on the online marketplace Rarible

While the artwork featuring images of the duo was transferred to Mark Cuban, Soulja Boy, and Tyga, among other celebrities, only one has put theirs up for sale—Lindsay Lohan. The report shared that the listing was set to 8.8 ETH, which converted to around $15,000 when posted. However, at the time of this article's publication, the listing for Lohan's sale has been restricted from public viewing.

Similar to Twitter, the marketplace verifies high-profile users. It's worth noting that Lohan's account is verified and is authentic while the page belonging to "Daft Punk" is not, leading many to believe that this is the work of a fan and not the French robots.

Nevertheless, eyebrows have raised because Decrypt's report notes that the NFTs were minted and transferred to the celebrities on February 21st, 2021, one day before Daft Punk announced their shocking split.

Source: Decrypt

Digital Artist Creates Daft Punk Music Video by Programming His Own Artificial Intelligence

8 hours 25 min ago

Irish artist Glenn Marshall used a variety of robot-related phrases to train the computer to generate images in the style of "Tron."

After last week's announcement by Daft Punk that legendary electronic music duo have split up after 28 years together, a flurry of tributes have been shared. One digital artist, however, took an appropriately high-tech route in his homage to the fabled French robots.

Award-winning Irish computer artist Glenn Marshall has shared an artificial intelligence-generated music video for Daft Punk's 2001 single "Voyager." Without getting too technical, Marshall essentially trained a computer to create visuals inspired by Daft Punk.

As Marshall explains in the description of the video, he used the phrases "robot headgear," "robot heads," "robot disco," and "Tron" to guide the AI's creation. The result is a series of beautifully bizarre images that he set to the sound of the duo's iconic Discovery track. It's quite fascinating to see how the artwork resembles Daft Punk's likeness without him mentioning them by name.

Check out the inventive video below.

On Marshall's YouTube channel, he shared a bit of background on his artistic process and what computers can do with the right guidance. 

As a computer artist for the last 20 years, I’ve been fascinated by getting the computer to generate art by itself.

Rather than using algorithms and random numbers to do this, the computer can now use a trained neural model of human memory and how it stores shapes and colours, so that it can present memories, dreams and visions of the imagination as it would to the human mind.

I am now removed almost entirely from the creation of the image - as I am dealing directly with preconceived images stored in human memory and the mind’s perception of beauty and form. For me, as an artist, the more I remove myself from the process, the closer I get to truth.

For those familiar with the world of artificial intelligence or digital art, the code used in the creation of the video was also shared in the description.

This is not the first music crossover Marshall has released. In the past, he's shared works inspired by the music of Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, and more. You can learn more about Marshall's artwork and check out some of his other audiovisual projects on his website.

Steve Aoki Auctioned Autographed Pokémon Cards for Charity

8 hours 25 min ago

Proceeds from the card sales will go to The Aoki Foundation.

Each year, fans of the international video game sensation Pokémon celebrate their beloved franchise on February 27th. Dubbed Pokémon Day, the holiday is home to announcements from developers, tributes from fans, and special celebrity crossovers. Not one to miss out on the geeky fun is the outspoken Pokémon fan Steve Aoki, who recently hosted his latest auction. 

Powered by the PWCC Marketplace, the auction found Aoki digging into his collection of rare cards, which he autographed and sold to fans. A portion of the proceeds are being directed to his charitable organization, The Aoki Foundation.

Before the auction, Aoki took to Twitter to share some details on which cards would be included in the sale. Fans were able to bid on cards featuring the final evolutions of the original trio of starting Pokémon, Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. This is Aoki's second Pokémon-related charitable event, following his card unboxing stream last fall.

The sale of Steve Aoki's autographed Pokémon cards ended on Saturday night. However, you can check out the results of the auction on the marketplace.


Website: steveaoki.com
Facebook: facebook.com/steveaoki
Twitter: twitter.com/steveaoki
Instagram: instagram.com/steveaoki
Spotify: spoti.fi/3d1TLFn

3LAU Sells Record-Breaking $3.6 Million NFT in First-Ever Tokenized Album Sale

12 hours 12 min ago

The electronic music vet and cryptocurrency pundit broke the record in NFT sales with over $11 million in total bids.

Tonight, in record-setting and groundbreaking fashion, electronic music producer 3LAU sold a collection of limited edition NFTs for $3,666,666. The dance music vet and cryptocurrency pundit also broke the record in non-fungible token sales by selling 33 unique items for a total of $11,684,101.

NFTs are unique digital collectibles that are truly one-of-a-kind and unable to be replicated. Stored on a decentralized blockchain, each item is exclusive to its owner and cannot be deleted or duplicated. NFTs have been a major boon in the COVID-19 era for music producers, who are actively seeking ways to recoup revenues lost from touring due to the impact of the virus. deadmau5, Feed Me, and 3LAU are a few of the many electronic music artists capitalizing on the NFT boom.

The sale took place on 3LAU's custom-built website developed by the team at Origin Protocol. To commemorate the three-year release of 3LAU's Ultraviolet album, the winning bidder won a platinum-plated vinyl record NFT version, which is redeemable for a custom song by 3LAU, as well as access to unreleased music and a bonus physical vinyl.

According to ONE37pm, the most expensive NFT ever sold prior to 3LAU's Ultraviolet collection was "CryptoPunk #6965," an item that fetched 800 ETH, which is worth about $1,608,032.


Facebook: facebook.com/DJ3LAU
Twitter: twitter.com/3LAU
Instagram: instagram.com/3lau
Spotify: spoti.fi/2ZW00qn

Yung Bae Teams Up With AWOLNATION for Future Funk Track “Disco Body Parts”

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 23:44

Out via Sony Music’s Arista Records, the lively song reflects the beatmaker’s colorful and vibrant persona.

Future funk producer Yung Bae has teamed up with AWOLNATION for his newest single “Disco Body Parts.” Out via Sony Music’s Arista Records, the lively track reflects the rising star's colorful and vibrant persona.

Setting up an authentic disco ambience, the tune kicks off with an old vinyl filter. A thumping bassline, funky synths, and energetic claps make up the groovy house beat, while the unmistakable, stentorian vocals of AWOLNATION belt affectionate lyrics about falling in love, which happens to involve some “disco body parts.” The track is ecstatic and made for a dreamy disco dance-floor.

You can find "Disco Body Parts" on streaming platforms here and check out the track below.

"I've been listening to [AWOLNATION] since I was in high school, and to have him on a track is like a dream!" Yung Bae said in a statement. "He's done some amazing disco influenced stuff back in the day."

“I'd worked on this instrumental beforehand as a nod to the Nu-disco scene, and when we originally linked up, I sent him a massive folder of what I had been working on for the album and this one immediately stuck out," he added. "From there the track came together super quick, I think we wrapped in a day. He was a blast to work with."

After releasing his last album Bae 5 in 2019, the Yung Bae wasted no time hitting the road for a 20-city tour across the US. He also took to social media last year to tease an upcoming album, cryptically writing "album soon" and saying that the record may comprise a staggering 25 or 30 songs.


Facebook: facebook.com/yungestbae
Twitter: twitter.com/yungbae
Instagram: instagram.com/yungbae
Spotify: spoti.fi/3pWDpUZ


Facebook: facebook.com/AWOLNATION
Twitter: twitter.com/awolnation
Instagram: instagram.com/awolnation
Spotify: spoti.fi/2Mt7gGU

Kaytranada Drops Hard-Hitting Remix of Busta Rhymes' "The Don & The Boss"

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 23:32

He preserves the smooth dancehall vocal stylings of the original song while adding his distinctive flavorful rhythms.

In August 2020, prolific rapper Busta Rhymes collaborated with reggae singer Vybz Kartel for the “The Don & The Boss” off of Busta’s Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God album. Made for the club, this single offers, big booming bass and the swagged-out Jamaican dancehall roots of both artists.

Grammy-nominated Canadian beatsmith Kaytranada has now dropped an inventive remix of the song. As a bona fide fan of Busta Rhymes, this isn’t the first time he’s flipped songs by the hip-hop legend, with past reworks of “What’s It Gonna Be?” “Oh My God” and “Bubblin."

This release comes just a week after Kaytranada dropped his new track “Caution.” It was also recently announced by Pitchfork that the gifted producer will be teaming up with Madlib for a new two-part documentary Driven By Sound, where they will discuss their connection to vinyl and work on a new single.

Listen to Kaytranada's remix of "The Don & The Boss" below.


Facebook: facebook.com/Kaytranada
Twitter: twitter.com/KAYTRANADA
Instagram: instagram.com/kaytranada
Spotify: spoti.fi/3sBwouH

GT_Ofice and Nick Elliot Link Up on Uplifting New Single "Yesterday"

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 14:51

The feel-good anthem we all needed.

Songs have the ability to flip a mood from the onslaught. GT_Ofice and Nick Elliot's new single "Yesterday" does just that, bringing forth a warm sense of nostalgia and longing. The upbeat progressive house anthem arrives today via NoFace Records

The beautiful love song will have listeners feeling as if they are soaring alongside the production. It's the perfect blend of emotive softness with the vocal performance and high-energy danceability brought on through the drop. Check out the track in full below and prepare to have a smile stuck on your face from start to finish. 

This song came to fruition after the pair met at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore, Maryland where Elliott was DJing. The two quickly became friends and the rest is history. They were able to create "Yesterday" entirely from different parts of the US, with GT_Ofice stationed in Aspen and Elliott located in Denver.

Fans of these impressive artists will have a lot to look forward to. They have another collaboration coming out later this year featuring Jantine. As of this publication, no official release date has been announced, so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled on their socials below. 


Instagram: instagram.com/gt_ofice
Spotify: spoti.fi/2XkV6Se


Instagram: instagram.com/nickelliottmusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/2ZUxWDz

"Overnight" by Parcels Is Officially Daft Punk's Last-Ever Production: Listen

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 14:15

"From the start to the finish it was an equal collaboration with no pressure, only a desire to create something meaningful together."

For a duo of their caliber, it's surprising Daft Punk hasn't taken to the studio for behind-the-scenes work more often. Their list of credits is limited to a handful of tracks by big name artists such as Kanye West, The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D. Now, with the group officially (and tragically) dissolved as of this past Monday, it looks like "Overnight" by Parcels was their last venture, on which they worked as co-writers. 

The single, released in 2017 via Kitsuné Musique and Daft Trax, blends the unmistakable character of Daft Punk with the indie-dance personality of the five-piece Australian band. It blends funky guitar rhythms, bright chords and bouncy percussion with potent vocals and repetitive, catchy lyrics. 

In a 2017 interview with NME, Parcels recounted the experience of working with Daft Punk on "Overnight." The two groups first connected after Parcels' first show in Paris in 2016, they said, which Daft Punk quietly attended. Parcels also appreciated the true collaborative nature of their studio time together, describing the general mood as "a desire to create something meaningful together.

"It confirmed to us that there are artists in today’s scene who value the simple beauty of creating music based on emotion," Parcels said of Daft Punk. "Who follow no expectations, no pressures, no structures and who work without egotism."

Joel Corry Joins Forces With David Guetta and RAYE on Dance-Pop Track "Bed"

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 14:12

Your new feel-good dance anthem has arrived.

When word broke earlier this week that Joel Corry would be teaming up with David Guetta and RAYE on a new single, we knew magic was on the way.

"Bed" is your classic dance-pop track that will instantly brighten your mood. The lyrics and vocal performance by Raye, the gifted British-Swiss singer-songwriter are a bona fide earworm. Combined with the groove-inducing melodies delivered by the certified hitmakers, they lend to a dynamite collaboration. Check out the new mega collab below.

Joel Corry had one of his biggest years yet in 2020. His single "Head & Heart" with MNEK, which received an official remix from Guetta under his Jack Black alias, achieved Double Platinum, Platinum, and Gold certifications across the globe. Guetta has previously collaborated with Raye on his "future rave" single "Make It To Heaven." 

You can stream "Bed" across all platforms here.   


Facebook: facebook.com/JoelCorry
Instagram: instagram.com/joelcorry
Twitter: twitter.com/joelcorry
Spotify: spoti.fi/3auW2Js


Facebook: facebook.com/DavidGuetta
Instagram: instagram.com/davidguetta
Twitter: twitter.com/davidguetta
Spotify: spoti.fi/3fHbpAC


Facebook: facebook.com/raye
Instagram: instagram.com/raye
Twitter: twitter.com/raye
Spotify: spoti.fi/3dy93Wb

Wooli Returns to Ophelia Records With New Single "The Core"

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 14:09

A behemoth of a bass track.

It's been over a year since the master bass music producer Wooli dropped a track on Seven LionsOphelia Records, but that streak ends now. Enter "The Core," an absolute behemoth of a track that combines hardstyle stylings with riddim, dubstep, and psytrance. Ophelia has been on a roll with releasing heavier tracks on the label, which has traditionally leaned more melodic. 

Those who were lucky enough to attend Wooli's headline performance at Insomniac's Park 'N Rave will recognize the single. The track is filled to the brim with massive hardstyle kicks that will induce major neck pain if you aren't careful. The arpeggiating synths create an interesting listening experience in between the chaos of the production. Wooli has hit it out of the park with this one. 

Wooli has been pushing the boundaries of sound design since bursting onto the scene back in 2018. His music has received support from some of the biggest heavyweights in the game, including Excision, Seven Lions, KAYZO, Slander, SNAILS, and more. 2021 is looking to be one of his biggest years yet so stay tuned in. 

You can stream "The Core" across all platforms here


Facebook: facebook.com/woolimusic
Twitter: twitter.com/woolimusic
Instagram: instagram.com/woolimusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/3izVKDG

Facing Closure, NYC Clubs Forced to Pivot or Fail

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 14:02

Countless nightlife staples have already shut their doors, including Avenue and Vandal.

With the landmark $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package now in the hands of the Senate, financial aid for struggling families and businesses is almost within reach. In fact, the embedded Save Our Stages Act earmarks $15 billion in grants to music and arts venues. 

But for New York City's nightlife, this eleventh hour support may have missed the boat. Small restaurants and bars have been hit especially hard by the pandemic, and New York Post now reports even the city's top club owners have also been drastically affected by both closures and brand pivots. 

Butter Group, which owns the iconic 1Oak brand, recently shuttered its Up & Down venture in West Village. The Tao Group, which owns properties worldwide, has also permanently closed two of its five New York locations: Vandal on the Bowery and Avenue. Two additional locations are staying open with the help of their attached restaurants.

"Nightlife is what makes the city so special," Noah Tepperberg, co-founder of The Tao Group, told the New York Post. “Without it, we will lose the city that never sleeps."

View the original article to see embedded media.

Meanwhile, Noir in Chelsea has taken on a unique approach, developing out a menu and hiring an executive chef. Following a citywide pause on indoor dining, it reopened its kitchen on February 13th with tables sparsely arranged throughout its 5,600 square feet.

According to the Post, diners can now order from Noir's raw bar and sushi menu with an option for a "bottle parade": masked servers delivering champagne directly into their mouths. And, just last week, the club welcomed local DJ JADALAREIGN for an in-person "Blanc Brunch" live set. 

"We had to reinvent ourselves," owner Phil Zelonky told the Post. “We are a place for people to let loose. People are still popping bottles, but at their tables. People enjoy the food and music and bottle service and have their own little party in a safe way at their table." 

Source: New York Post

Listen to Remixes of Classic Elvis Presley Tracks by Chromeo, Dillon Francis, Big Boi

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 13:59

Elvis' originals from 1964-1970 have received the remix treatment.

Big Boi, Chromeo, and Dillon Francis each took on the ambitious task of remixing none other than The King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley, breathing new life into three of his classics. 

The new versions created from Elvis' originals recorded between 1964 and 1970 are nothing short of transformative. Each producer has paired Elvis' original vocals with their own signature sonics with seemingly effortless ability and cohesion.

Chromeo established a new foundation of funk with their remix of "Clean Up Your Own Backyard." The storytelling single continues to spotlight Presley's vocals but the duo turns up the brightness with the inclusion of uplifting trumpet fanfare, filtered synths, and a pumping stringed bassline.

Big Boi works his magic on "Catchin' On Fast," infusing the romantic single with a sweat-inducing cadence of breakbeat drums. The Outkast artist finds room for his own verse on the track, adding glitzy vocals and adlibs to complement Presley.

Presley's "Do The Vega" had a bit of turbulent history as it was originally intended to become part of the 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas, in which Presley starred, but was never used. The dance original was released several years later, but only as a B-side. Dillon Francis plucked this hidden gem from the rough and went to great lengths to amplify its danceable qualities. The new version is anchored down by a chunky, modulated bassline and punchy drums, effectively turning the original into a modern house anthem.

Astralwerks and Blue Note Records Launch Collaborative Lo-Fi Focused Outlet, Bluewerks

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 13:54

Two storied labels are embarking on a cutting-edge effort to spice up the lo-fi space.

Astralwerks and Blue Note Records are joining forces to usher in a new wave of lo-fi with their collaborative series, Bluewerks.

The two Universal Music properties have released their first offering, Bluewerks Vol. 1: Up Down Left Right, a showcase of tunes intersecting the worlds of electronic music and jazz. To kick things off, the project received an introduction from one of the most famous voices in dance music, Pete Tong

The compilation features a slew of pleasantly evolving instrumental soundscapes, ideal for unwinding the mind. Diverse jazz arrangements take center focus on this project as rich, expansive synth pads fill the space with colorful background energy. From the echoing stringed reverberations of Zmeyev's "Chilled Room" to the smooth languid brass on "Aloe" by Phlocalyst, this compilation is easy listening all-around.

Though Astralwerks and Blue Note Records both have been established for decades, the two imprints aren't hesitating to shake things up with something new and cutting edge. Astralwerks was founded in 1993 and came to prominence with the rise of Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers in its early years. Meanwhile, Blue Note Records has stood an incredible test of time promoting jazz throughout the decades since its founding in 1939.

Live Nation CEO on Ambitious Hopes for 2021: "I Have Never Been More Excited About the Opportunities in Front of Us"

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 13:52

Michael Rapino believes an incoming influx of demand for concert tickets will usher in the next era of live events.

Despite the billion dollar loss shouldered by Live Nation Entertainment this last year, the company's CEO, Michael Rapino, has high hopes for 2021. He cites the imminent influx of demand for post-pandemic live events as a driving force expected to propel the events hub through "the light at the end of the tunnel," according to IQ Magazine.

Given the recent success of Live Nation's stocks, it appears their predictions may not be unfounded. On February 25th, share prices skyrocketed above the $90 mark for the first time in the company's history, reaching $91.80. IQ notes that this is nearly $15 higher than the price pre-pandemic. The change may have been spurred by the 48 hour-sellout of Live Nation-produced festival Creamfields, for which Alesso, Carl Cox, Nina Kraviz and Afrojack are scheduled to appear. 

"It appears that the timing to release [fans'] pent-up supply and demand is now approaching," Rapino explained. "They are excited to get back to the show as soon as we get the green lights in these markets to open up." 

Keeping his eyes on the future, Rapino predicts 2022 will be a massive year for international tours, with nearly double the typical amount of major touring artists set to be on cycle that year. However, it's all dependent on local vaccine availability: "For both the US and UK, projections indicate that everyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one by May or June, with Europe and most other markets following a few months later," he said.

On the financial side of things, it appears Live Nation has weathered the storm, providing the liquid capital necessary to facilitate a major rollout of events. This success can be attributed to various cost savings and restructuring plans, investments in virtual concerts, and the recent acquisition of streaming platform Veeps, Rapino said, perhaps providing a model for other events companies to follow. 

Source: IQ Magazine

Dillon Francis Joins on Blockchain-Powered Streaming Platform Audius, Shares 2014 Daft Punk Remix

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 13:48

Dillon Francis is the latest major dance music artist to join Audius.

Dillon Francis made his Audius debut this week, uploading his high-energy remix of Daft Punk's turn-of-the-century hit "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger."

The shocking news of Daft Punk's retirement evidently inspired Francis to take immediate action by re-sharing his remix of one of the duo's most iconic hits, which he dropped back in 2014. Francis' rework slowly turns up the heat, first speeding up the cadence of the funk house original before finally showing his cards. A sudden turbulent flurry of risers gives way to hard-hitting 808s and intricately rearranged robotic vocal chops. Francis doesn't hesitate to lean on the distortion, adding a tangible bite to the track.

The "Be Somebody" producer brought the remix to fans in a hurry with the help of blockchain-powered streaming startup Audius, telling fans he plans to utilize it to release more new music in the near future. The burgeoning platform has especially been a hit among dance music stars, some of whom were quick to offer Francis encouragement for making the leap, including 3LAU, one of Audius' strategic advisors.


Facebook: facebook.com/dillonfrancismusic
Twitter: twitter.com/DillonFrancis
Instagram: instagram.com/dillonfrancis
Spotify: spoti.fi/3ouSzRh

Tomorrowland's First Deluxe Limited Edition Vinyl Set Sells Out Within Hours

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 13:41

You had to be quick to secure Tomorrowland's first 5LP box set, but there is still one last shot to secure this timeless collectible.

The first batch of Tomorrowland's limited edition vinyl box sets has sold out in a matter of hours.

A lucky group of 3,000 fans were able to secure a piece of Tomorrowland history this week. The beloved festival brand released a vinyl set designed to walk listeners down memory lane as they recount some of the most iconic anthems that shaped Tomorrowland's earliest years between 2005-2009. For those who missed today's drop, there will be two more opportunities when the 2010-2014 and 2015-2019 sets are released later this year.

That said, there is still one last opportunity to secure the coveted 2005-2009 5LP set. Box #1 of 3,000 has been set aside for the winner of Tomorrowland's Down Memory Lane challenge. The challenge presents a ten-question quiz that will undoubtedly test the memories of Tomorrowland's most fervent fans as they'll have to recall granular details from Tomorrowland's first five years of action including which artists appeared on the festivals' lineups, stage and set design related details, and attendance totals.

Tomorrowland's first vinyl box set included 30 anthems from the likes of Armin van BuurenDimitri Vegas & Like MikeEric Prydz, Fedde Le Grand, Justice, and many more.


Facebook: facebook.com/tomorrowland
Twitter: twitter.com/tomorrowland
Instagram: instagram.com/tomorrowland

Rich DietZ Unleashes Monster House Single "Tech No Malfunction"

Sat, 02/27/2021 - 12:00

Rich Dietz brings the techno party to your home.

Rich DietZ continues their relentless release schedule with a brand new offering titled "Tech No Malfunction." The unstoppable duo is known for churning out infectious dance behemoths of the tech house nature, and this latest single follows suit. Prepare to be transported to a dark warehouse where the party has no intention of stopping. 

"Tech No Malfunction" kicks off strong from its inception, with a steady bassline and ominous synths that lend to a sonic atmosphere of tension. The sense of urgency is further translated through the track's robotic vocals and industrial kick-drums, which thump with the ferocity of a Carl Cox track. It's a shame clubs aren't open at the moment, because this would light up a crowd. 

"If you’re cooped up and can’t take it anymore we wanted to give you that techno party pass to turn up the volume, nod your head, and turn wherever you are into an after-hours nightclub," said Rich Dietz on the inspiration behind their anthemic new single.

Since Rich DietZ burst onto the scene in 2019 with their track "All My FriendZ," the duo has been whipping up hits left and right. They closed out 2020 with their ode to Only Fans, the aptly titled "Only Fans Song," before again igniting the virtual dance floor with the quirky "Club Juice." Their track "Neighborhood" with YamDice was also recently featured in an episode of Shameless titled "Hall of Shame."

You can stream "Tech No Malfunction" across all platforms here.


Facebook: Facebook.com/RichDietZofficial
Instagram: Instagram.com/RichDietZofficial
Twitter: Twitter.com/RichDietZmusic
YouTube: YouTube.com/RichDietZofficial
Spotify: spoti.fi/33e5f6v
SoundCloud: SoundCloud.com/RichDietZofficial

CloZee's Tastemaker Abilities Shine on Diverse Gravitas Records Compilation

Fri, 02/26/2021 - 17:39

CloZee's carefully selected tracks help pave the way for the future of bass music.

CloZee has emerged as a tastemaker in the dance music space since first appearing in a remix competition for Mr. Bill. Since then, her eclectic taste is easily identifiable throughout a variety of her releases, including last year's Neon Jungle LP as well as her recent remixes of Deathpact's "ID" and INZO's "Overthinker." In partnership with Gravitas Recordings, CloZee has now curated a 15-track compilation called Emergence

Emergence seeks to showcase the future of bass music and from the sound of it, we're in good hands. The compilation features rising artists nok nok, Habitaat, Bass Temple, and Orendi as well as more established artists such as Ahee, Esseks, and Fakear, among others. Emergence offers a great deal of diversity while still keeping the spotlight on the overall vision of Gravitas. 

French producer Lil Fish stands out with his single "Yours." The slow, ambient start guides listeners through a unique collection of samples before an unrelenting wave of walloping bass takes the reigns. NotLö similarly stands out on "Abysmal." Opening with subdued percussive elements, waves of mind-melting bass ebb and flow for the remainder of the track.

Gravitas Records is home to bass-centric favorites like Au5, Of The Trees, Psymbionic, A Hundred Drums, and many more. Their continuous stream of quality releases, including Emergence, is a clear sign that the future of their label is bright. 

Listen to Emergence below. 


Website: gravitasrecordings.com
Facebook: facebook.com/gravitasrecordings
Twitter: twitter.com/GravitasMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/gravitasrecordings


Facebook: facebook.com/CloZee
Twitter: twitter.com/CloZeeMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/clozeemusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/2AvsgHa

Carl Cox Delivers Second Remix of BreakCode's "What Lies Beneath"

Fri, 02/26/2021 - 16:58

So nice, Cox had to do it twice.

You know an artist is heading in the right direction when virtually all of the biggest names in electronic music are showing them love. BreakCode is having that moment. The live electronic act is catching everyone's attention by delivering music quite unlike anything we've heard. Case in point: "What Lies Beneath," a 2019 track that has now received its second remix from the legend himself, Carl Cox

Cox has taken the already relentless production of "What Lies Beneath" and cranked up the insanity to create a full assault on your senses. This blistering techno track features unyielding drums and breakbeat patterns that reach new heights with the addition of Eastern influences. And just when you think you have a handle on what's coming next, the production is flipped into a wild acid line that will have you seeing stars.

"BreakCode is making some seriously mental music, creating it more like a band would instead of a DJ," Cox said of BreakCode. "I supported it all last year since its inception and it was amazing to put my own take on such a great idea for a different track that seriously stands out amongst the rest." 

Check out the new remix below.


Facebook: facebook.com/carlcox247
Twitter: twitter.com/Carl_Cox
Instagram: instagram.com/carlcoxofficial
Spotify: spoti.fi/3oJKvw8


Facebook: facebook.com/breakcodeofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/breakcodeoffici
Instagram: instagram.com/breakcodeofficial
Spotify: spoti.fi/3pXUvSC



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